Fire Dog Flying Duck Dummy


The Fire Dog Flying Duck Dummy

The nylon Flying Duck Dummy has a free flapping head and throwing cord.

Our gundog training aids have expanded to include this winged dummy. The head flaps like a real bird and the wings can obscure the dogs face exactly like dead mallard or teal. On throwing, the dummy tumbles and falls, simulating a shot bird.

Ideal for land or water training and floats high in the water for ease of retrieval. The duck floats belly side up so it can easily be seen in the water.

The bird shape allows the dog to get used to a firm but soft feel in the mouth. It is an excellent dummy for training dogs to retrieve. Train younger dogs using the 400g then progress to the heavier 600g dummy when the dog is more confident and needs more of a challenge.

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400g, 600g


Khaki/Pink, Beige/Brown, Khaki/Orange, Orange