BG Rabbit Scent Training Ball by Ben Randall


BG Rabbit Scent Training Ball

Designed and Tested by Gundog Trainer Ben Randall of Beggarbush Gundogs (BG)

Ben Randall explaines

Two Sizes Available

  • The Rabbit Skin makes this a perfect tool to stimulate a scent line when training
  • The weight and balance allows the ball to travel good distances on hard ground/down hills to create a rabbit scent line from the fall/seat of the rabbit.
  • Can be used with dogs of all abilities and is a great training tool to encourage young dogs to take lines
  • A great way to encourage dogs to retrieve if game or scent motivated
  • Small approx. 4.1 ” including rabbit skin. Approx. 290g in weight so the ball really does travel well and at a good speed when thrown!
  • Large approx. 5″ including rabbit skin. Approx. 500g
  • The BG Scent Training Ball is larger and heavier than the Sporting Saint Rabbit Ball.

Added Benefits:

Due to the weight and material, the ball bounces well on hard ground further increasing the level of marking importance but also creating a better scent line with the rabbit skin. The Ball also sinks deep into thick grass, making marking so much more important

Why use the heavier BG Scent Training Ball?
  • Increases distance it roll’s / travelling along the ground creating a longer scent line, especially downhills.
  • It also teaches the dogs to carry heavier objects.
  •  It’s important to get our dogs used to carry all different sizes and weights to always be furthering their training development and experience.

Copyright and Design – Sporting Saint and Ben Randall

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