BG Rabbit Distance Marking Ball by Ben Randall


BG Rabbit Distance Marking Ball

Designed and Tested by Gundog Trainer Ben Randall of Beggarbush Gundogs (BG)

Ben Randell explaines 

  • The rope allows the product to be thrown long distances
  • Great for testing more experienced dogs marking abilities
  •  Available in two sized Rabbit Balls to adhere for dogs of all abilities, the small ball is recommended for Spaniel size, while the larger ball Retriever Size
  • The ropes act as a Pheasant Tail, teaching the dog to correctly lift its head during recall and delivery – Stepping on the rope will result in the dog dropping the ball as it would standing on the Pheasants Tail.

Additional Benefits:

Due to the weight and material, the ball bounces well on hard ground further increasing the level of marking importance but also creating a better scent line with the rabbit skin. The ball also sinks deep into thick grass, making marking so much more important


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  • Rope Approx 12 inches long
  • 3″ in size inc Rabbit Skin
  • 125g Approx.


  • Rope Approx 12 inches long
  • 3.7″ in size inc Rabbit Skin
  • 300g approx.

Copyright and design – Sporting Saint and Ben Randall

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